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As the founder and director of StateGuardian, I inherently have a deep and native devotion to growing and nurturing StateGuardian for the benefit of the United States Republic. My purpose and dream is to repair, evolve and support true and honest democracy.

Our democratically elected government officials have a serious obligation to reflect the will of the people who elect and directly support them. Becoming a politician should be considered a burdensome occupation with deep responsibility, not a lofty and privileged status symbol. Any politician given power should be judged, respected and viewed not by the simple prestige of their position, but by their ability to actively and persistently emulate the reasonable will of the people they represent.

In turn, members of the general public are not without obligation. It is our duty to know as much about our representatives as possible, and stay informed of the decisions they make which affect our daily lives. Not only should we stay informed of our politicians' decisions, but we should also know when and where to vote in order to support or remove them from office.

StateGuardian was conceived with the goal of providing the tools and information citizens need to easily and quickly keep track of government officials and activity. Much like our young democracy, StateGuardian will forever be a work in progress. This first phase of StateGuardian is one of many; we currently offer organized contact information for every Senator and House Representative, as well as their next election dates. We will be working diligently to enrich and extend the amount of information we offer and look forward to providing a robust and useful government analysis tool.

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We can readily make use of donations for the following:

  • Increasing and stabilizing the amount of development hours put into StateGuardian.
  • Paying the costs associated with developing, hosting and communicating StateGuardian.
  • To generally foster, develop and formalize the body and spirit of an independent organization and the associates that make it up.

Intellectual Support

We can readily make use of the knowledge and expertise of the following class of persons:

  • Government Transparency Advocates
  • Independent / Investigative Journalists
  • Former Lobbyists
  • Senators & House Reps (Past & Present)
  • Political Aids (Past & Present)

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